I joined Nikidokai.com the week it began. In preparing to test for my belt I was able to go through the entire curriculum step-by-step to watch and rewatch the videos.

The instructors in the school perform the videos step-by-step repetitiously so that you can easily understand what they are doing. They explained as they go and give you the mechanics in visual and verbal form so that you understand what is required for each exercise.

They have added classes to the program since moving to the new dojo, and every piece of that is on NWU. So anything that is new if you miss a class you are able to catch up on, or if you’ve already learned it in class, you can fine-tune with precision.

I was able to walk into testing last night with the confidence that I knew what was required to achieve my belt, and the online classes are paramount to that as I was able to study on my own for the weeks leading up to the test. I could watch the videos at any time, go back to them if I had a question about something and it was right there in front of me.

This website is one of the most beneficial and innovative that I have seen for any fitness and/or sport program. My daughter watched me test last night and is now motivated to learn Nikidokai as well. Being a college student and working, she can go to class a couple days a week, and then we can go through the videos together so she will be up to speed when she returns to class. I don’t think there are enough good things to be said about the program!

Dawn VoeltzStudent

I’d like to share my experience with the Nikidokai Worldwide University with you. I have found this course to be very beneficial in facilitating my progress in Nikidokai Mixed Martial Arts.

The NWU provides quality video instruction for all the exercises required for each belt ranking. There is step by step instruction for each movement so you can be certain to learn with precision. The videos are shot from different angles so you get all aspects of the move. The instructors are proven professionals that have been teaching for many years. I have found this to be a key factor in my learning.

The NWU is like having one on one tutoring anytime and anywhere you want. If you forget a detail or are ready to learn the next move it is there for you. You can learn at your own pace. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn Nikidokai. This course puts the pace of your progress in your own hands. For the serious student it is a crucial tool. For the novice, it’s a great asset for learning.

Nikidokai Worldwide University is cutting edge training. I have learned details and precision that I have been able to pass on to others. That’s the kind of team I want to train with.

Kevin PankeyStudent

I echo what Kevin and Dawn stated. The Nikidokai Worldwide University is an excellent tool to receive that ‘1 on 1’ personal instruction by highly skill instructors.

The instructors clearly explain and break down each movement to show the correct Nikidokai method.

The videos are high quality showing different angles/views to ensure you see all sides to perform the correct technique.

I travel a lot, the Nikidokai Worldwide University website has been a huge benefit! I can take the class anywhere! The online classes have helped me review techniques, better my form, and showed me techniques that I had missed.

Thank you very much for having the website! I highly recommend everyone to attend the Nikidokai Worldwide University!!

Gail ChapmanStudent

How quickly he learned and how confident he was in his skills is exactly why I joined!! It’s been amazing to constantly be practicing what I’m learning and to watch a video that shows I’m practicing correctly. That’s been an amazing element! I’ve commit so much more to memory in the week since I signed up than before!

Trish RomanoStudent

Nikidokai University is such a training saving part of my journey. Because I have my new little addition, Thai, it’s hard for me to get to the dojo to practice. I want to spend more time going over my skills with the instructors, but my time and life are dictated by Thai’s moods and needs. I love being able to login anytime and anywhere to continue my training. It’s like having private sessions whenever and wherever I have time. The university also helps to reinforce the skill taught in class. There are so many details to all of the skills it can be difficult to keep everything straight with two hours a night. The university gives me 24 hours a day to have skills broken down to me at my speed.

The best part of the university is how affordable it is. Unfortunately taking a face to face private session is not always in my budget, but the low monthly cost of Nikidokai University allows me to have a private session everyday, which in turn, helps me utilize my class time more wisely. I can use class time to sharpen my skills and ask questions that I may have from practicing at home. Nikidokai University is a great addition to my daily fitness as well. I need 1000 practice times to truly get the skill and 1000 kicks and punches makes for strong and lean arms, legs, and abs.

I look forward to using Nikidokai University as a bonding time with my baby boy. I plan to dedicate time for both of us to sharpen our skills together using the university. Having the dual role of senpia and senpai parent motivates me to know each skill like second nature to pass on the knowledge and skill to my son. If a person is not able to get into the dojo for whatever reason, Nikidokai University is the way to go. If you’re working towards your next rank and want extra practice, Nikidokai University is the way to go. If you want to work with the instructors to include Hanshi every day whenever your schedule allows, Nikidokai University is the way to go.

Asia BellStudent

The Nikidokai Worldwide University is a modern cutting-edge beneficial training tool. The videos with step by step techniques with all the different angles and views will help ensure that you are properly learning and helps you also retain more of each technique that you have learned in your classes at the Dojo. Which in turn helps build the confidence and proper execution that will help you on your testing to achieve your next belt ranking. Thanks to the benefit of taking the videos with you when you are on vacation or not able to make class is a great help to keep you motivated and progressing forward to achieve your next belt goals.

Valerie LestrelStudent