Adult 1st Kyu Black Red Belt

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Credit NCS 1st Kyu Black Red Belt




Follow Your Path to Achieve NCS “Nikidokai Combat Sports” 1st Degree Black Belt Ranking:

NCS Green Belt

NCS Blue Belt

NCS Purple Black Belt

NCS 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

NCS 2nd Kyu Black Red Belt

NCS 1st Kyu Black Red Belt

NCS 1st Degree Black Belt

There are 3 important points to all Belts that you will earn in Nikidokai. (A) All Belt Ranks must be “given life” by Shihan before you can wear them. (B) Never wash your belt. Keep your gi clean at all times, but never wash the belt. Once the belt as been given life to it by Shihan it must remain as it is at all times. (C) Never let your belt touch the ground or floor, (Unless you are wearing it.) This is a sign of great disrespect and must be adhered to at all times.

The next list of ranks is where your official testing begins. All students must conduct a test for each rank. All testing is done by invitation only. Any requests or applications for testing will not be accepted. All approval for Rank advancement will be conducted by Hanshi, Shihan, Sensei and other senior instructors, final approval will be strictly at Hanshi’s or Shihan’s discretion.

When you have completed all the video courses for NCS 1st Kyu Black Red Belt and are ready for testing. There will be a link to Contact Hanshi, Shihan, Sensei & other Senior Instructors for testing on the Video Course Page. Testing Instruction will be provide at that point.

Hanshi Nico
Founder of Nikidokai
Hall of Fame Member
Trainer of World Champions